Tex Special Projects are the leading supplier of high-specification ship windows, including window washers, wipers, heated glass and solar blinds. Various shielding and attenuation properties may be specified according to your requirements. Recent high profile contracts include glazing for the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

Tex Maxi-view Tempest glazing and wiper technology defy the most extreme conditions and offer unparalleled visibility for confident, split-second decision making.

Tex Special Projects were awarded the BAE Systems Bronze Design Award for their contribution to technological advances in glazing for the maritime environment. Contact Tex Special projects for all your ship window requirements.

Ship windows supplier, installations
Ship window installations by Tex Special Projects.
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence
  • Electromagnetic shielding (EMI/RF)
  • Exceptional sound attenuation
  • Heating (deicing/demisting)
  • Impact resistance
  • IR screening
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance
  • Bespoke laminations
  • Large/over-sized window specialist
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Solar Blinds
  • Turnkey and bespoke solutions
  • UV reduction and controlled solar transmission
  • Window washing system
  • Wipers