Datastop™ Glass for Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI/RF)

Contact Tex Special Projects for all your Datastop™ requirements. Tex Special Projects supply Pilkington Datastop™ glass with an “invisible” electrically conductive surface, specifically designed to give maximum electromagnetic shielding (electronic noise shielding/EMI/RF) for the purpose of preventing data theft/hacking and also where protection from electronic interference is essential. The attenuation performance of Datastop™ is second to none and is verified according to military standards. Iconic installations include the Empire State Building.

Datastop™ Glass Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI/RF)
Datastop™ glass, Empire State Building, New York.

Common Applications

  • Air traffic control towers
  • Air-gapped systems
  • Complete building envelope
  • Curtain wall
  • Enclosures
  • Government buildings
  • Industries that process confidential or high security data
  • Military installations
  • Network operation centres
  • Office/office complex
  • Security cameras
  • Server rooms
  • Shielded cabinets
  • Ships windows


Tex Special Projects supply Datastop™ 6 mm sheets up to 3500 mm (11 ft, 5 13/16 in) x 2000 mm (6 ft, 6 3/4 in). Double glazed panels, laminated panels, colour, solar control, thermal insulation and sound attenuation are amongst the available options.

Maxi-view Tempest

Maxi-view Tempest is Tex Special Projects’ ultra-high specification RF/EMI shielded glass with exceptional sound attenuation and blast resistance, and with the option of heating (deicing/demisting).